Urgent Information for Oklahoman's

Photo Provided by NoWindCatcher.com

Photo Provided by NoWindCatcher.com

A group of concerned Oklahoman's have become aware of an issue that has them taking action. Property owners report that they have been approached to sell rights to the Wind Catcher Project, to construct massive 765 kilowatt transmission line towers across their land. The Oklahoma Corporation Commission has been discussing the pro's and con's of the issue, and may make a ruling on the project next week, concerned citizens tell RDMGtv. Those voicing opposition are not only the property owners in Oklahoma, but citizens that see issues with other risks they say could cause health issues. Here is a short video that explains some of the concerns.  

Rob Dixon who points us to, www.NoWindCatcher.com has been opposed to the project for some time. He tells RDMGtv that the Oklahoma Corporation Commission wants to hear and get feed back from Oklahoman's on how they feel about the transmission lines being built here in our state.  

Rob  references the NoWindCatcher.com website that states; Wind Catcher is a proposed $4.5 billion power project to take electricity across Oklahoma and sell it to Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas. Less than one third of the power will be going to Oklahoma. Wind Catcher is being opposed by Oklahoma State Attorney General Mike Hunter who said that:

"PSO has not proven a need or a benefit for the project. We hate that there wasn't competitive bidding as required by law" -12/21/2017

View this message from Former Govenor Frank Keating on Oklahoma and wind energy.

As Oklahoman's learn more about the facts of the project, opposition seems to be coming from all sides. However,  those opposed to the project say it is not enough to just assume the corporation commissioners know there is growing opposition to the Wind Catcher Project. Concerned Citizens of Wind Catcher want to recruit you, the citizens of Oklahoma, "to make your voice heard." 

Call the Corparation Commission @ 405-521-2211 - before July 23rd

Tell them NO to the Wind Catcher Project in Oklahoma!