Tigers Defeat Bulldogs in 1st District Game this Season

"Our efforts were relentless. Our pursuit was great."

Coach Shupe regards his team with pride after the Friday night triumph over Okmulgee Bulldogs. "We're gonna keep working - just trust. Sometimes it's gonna be ugly and that's okay. LIfe isn't pretty. "

The teams were kneck and kneck in the first two quarters and with a half-time score of 14-12, Tigers, it looked like any man's game. With no room for error from either side, the Bulldogs were first to crack and under the unrelenting pressure of Tigers' offensive line.

RDSX MVP Graphic.png

A number of well executed plays in the second half sealed the win for Cushing and earned every member of their offensive line an MVP status this week- Congratulations to right tackle #63 Dalton Womack, guards #54 Christian Ryan and #50 Nic Johnson, center #55 Dawson Williams and left tackle #70 Kobe Floyd.

Viewer Choice Poll Cropped.png

This week's Viewer's Choice Poll was a four way tie among Kade Holderread, Dalton Womac, Brady Stokes and Matt Yates - each at 22.2% of fan's votes followed by Joseph Hunsucker at 11.1%.

As the Tigers' first district football game this season, a final score of 35-12 in favor of Cushing was just what the team needed -  A big victory to bring the record up to 3-2 and 1-0 in district play. The recent win also earned the Tigers' 15 points in the district standings. 

Shupe made a final acknowledgment as the successful evening neared it's end. "(The boys) have great parents. It comes from somewhere and I just want to thank everyone."

The Tigers welcome fan's support as they face the Pirates in Bristow next Friday, September 29th in their second district game of the season.