Tigers take 33-26 Win over Mannford Pirates

Cushing Tigers emerged victorious again on Friday night in a far more captivating game than last week's, stealing a 33-26 win over the Mannford Pirates. With much improvement from Tiger's offensive line, this win seals the deal at a 2-0 run for the season and leaves fans eager to see what the team will do next. Her are the highlights from week 2 of the 2017 season.

#20 senior, Matt Yates, carried the game's first touchdown to the endzone toward the end of the first quarter with an additional point, compliments of Cushing Tiger senior, #9 Nick Criner.   The successful play was tailed closely by Pirate Aaron Wolcott's touchdown, bringing the first quarter's score to 7-0, Tigers.  If a nail-biter at first, Tiger offense primarily dominated the field for the remainder of the evening.

RDSX MVP Graphic.png

Although the team's performance was well rounded overall, successful plays carried out by senior, Matt Yates, caught Cushing Tiger fan's attention this week. Reflected in Viewer Choice Poll results, Yates received half of viewer's approval at exactly 50% of votes cast, making him this week's Red Dirt Media Commentary Choice for MVP. Runners up included #63 Dalton Womac and #22 Brady Stokes, tied at 25% of Viewer Choice votes.


Stokes also drew some attention, landing this week's Play of the Game with his third quarter interception with 9:23 left on the clock. Here is the week one, Play of the Game at Mannford.

Fans are welcome to join Cushing Tigers as they proceed with renewed confidence to next week's game hosted at Berryhill this Friday, September 8th. Hear what Coach Shupe had to say at the half, about the Tigers.