Red Dirt Media Group Presents New CushingHubApp

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The Red Dirt Media Group is excited to announce the release of the CushingHubApp! The new app was recently made available to the public on August 11th of this year. With a simple download, Cushing sports fans can now enjoy a number of features on the go, as well access any content from RDMGtv and

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During Cushing events, app users will have the ability to view real time stats, purchase Cushing Hub and Tiger merchandise, and chat with other fans. In addition, throughout the season polls will be held each Friday gameday from approximately 9 PM to midnight to allow fans to submit thier vote for 2018's Varsity Football MVP.  

For those unable to attend games, LIVE feed will be streamed to the CushingHubApp and then archived for later viewing in an easy-to-use On Demand feature. Additionally, every event from Tiny TiGER soccer matches to Varsity Football game dates, locations and times can be found in an all-in-one Sports Calendar.

While the development of some features is still underway, fans are encouraged to check out app highlights like the Cushing Sports Roster. From it, both written and video interviews can be found, starring Cushing's talented athletes and their dedicated coaching staff. As they are obtained, more interviews will soon be available from Cushing's football, softball, dance and cheer teams; as well as crew members at RDMGtv.

To download RDMG's new CushingHubApp, just search CushingHub or use one of the following links:

For Google Play Store (android devices) -

For itunes (Apple devices) -

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