Tigers Take a Loss to Beggs Demons Friday Night, 42-0

There's no sugar coating it, folks - Cushing lost this one by a significant margin. 

In Friday night's matchup against Beggs Demons, the Tigers were overtaken by a score of 42-0. The loss brought this season's record down to 4-4 and may have left some of our Tigers a little worse for wear as players were rumored to sustain injuries ranging from hurt ankles to possible concussions.

Coach Shupe is confident that his team will recover and he congratulates his opponent, "They're a really good football team. A lot of credit goes to them."

Shupe's unwavering faith in his team remains intact as he calmly reassures Tiger fans, "We've just got to stay positive and keep our heads up. Don't listen to people speaking negative. Everything is fine. Trust the process. Stay the course." 

RDSX MVP Graphic.png

Congratulations to this week's RDMG Commentator choice for MVP,  senior Matt Yates!


As always, Tiger fans are invited to come support their team as they go up against Morris on their home turf on Friday, October 27th at 7 PM. 

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