GRDA "did YOU know?" Wk 4 Answer and Winner is announced!

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This weeks GRDA "did YOU know?" trivia question s was:

    **Today, the Grand River Dam Authority uses a diverse electric generation portfolio to generate power to customer communities like Cushing. GRDA creates that electricity using which four fuel sources?

Possible answers?

  1. Gas, coal, water and wind

  2. Gas, solar, water, wind

  3. Nuclear, solar, biofuels, coal

  4. Coal, water, solar, gas

The correct answer was Gas, Coal, Water and Wind.  congratulations to Mr. Higgins as the Wk 4 WINNER! He will receive (2) Cheeseburger Diners from Bill's EZ Out on 9th and Linwood. Thank you Bill's for being a great sponsor of GRDA "did YOU know?" trivia! 

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Remember if you answered correctly, you are AUTOMATICALLY eligible for the grand prize on November 5th. The prize will be drawn from the list of participants that have answered correctly each week. Every week you answer correctly your name is entered in the drawing that number of times. So even if you haven't won yet, keep sending in your answers, you could walk away with the GRDA "did YOU know?" trivia Grand PRIZE. An iPAD Mini! You must be present to win on November 5th, at the Dora Hobbs PAC. Event starts at 6:30pm. Good Luck!