Vision Planning Meeting To Be Held for City Commissioners

A meeting to discuss a vision or plan forward for Cushing is scheduled for Wednesday September 7, 2016. Chairman of the Board of Commissioners Don Amon said " Vision and planning is a continuous process, one that the city has undergone before. This process is important to this sitting board and we are excited to not only begin the process of a vision and plan for our future, but to tackle the issues that seem to have plagued this process in the past "..   The meeting is open to the public, and will be held at the Safety Center, with a start time of 6pm. 

Commissioner Terry Brannon has long been pushing for our city to revisit the idea of having a vision, an assessed plan.When asked Mr. Brannon had this to say about the meeting. "This is an exciting opportunity to test the capacity of Cushing. If we believe enough in our Cushing, we will work to leverage a vision, plan and strategy to execute that plan. This process is about leveraging the best ideas. We have lots of work to do, so I hope people will be inspired enough to get on board".

Trace Rowe had this to ad about the idea of having a meeting dedicated to "vision" and where the City of Cushing wants to go in the future. Mr. Rowe said, " I am very excited that we are taking this positive step on an issue that we, as a Commission, have been talking about for quite a while".  Mr. Rowe continued, "I think it is a great opportunity for the public to come out and play an active role in where the City of Cushing will be in the near and distant future. Vision planning is all about what the citizens desire their city to be and setting the path to get there. I hope to seea large crowd at the meeting sharing their ideas and getting involved in the vision planning for the future of Cushing".

This again is another unique opportunity for the public to play a critical role in the development of our city. Makes plans to attend, Wednesday September 7, 2016, at the Safety Center at 6:00p.m...