RDMGtv On Demand In Action Week 0 @ Perkins

RDMGtv is is introducing new and innovative ideas, that make your viewing experience, even better as a CHS sports fan. This year you can now follow stats in real time, while watching the game, now you can watch the game whenever YOU want to to see it. Thc CushingHub now has a complete "On Demand" section of it's website dedicated to the archiving of past games. Available now,  we will have the entire season from 2015 ready to view. And this year every game in the 2016 season, can be replayed at will, of the viewer. Here is the link to the "On Demand: Football " section of the site. Enjoy, and thank you for watching! 

Click the graphic below to take you to "On Demand Football". There are also other archived games listed under the respective sports.

As an aside, we have had several people tell us that they are enjoying the broadcast from the comfort of their home, or where ever they are during the game. Some watch it on a mobile device, or computer attached to a large monitor, or smart tv. But when we here from those overseas, it is even more special for us. In past years we have had military personnel that are deployed in Dubia, and other locations that had large groups gathered around watching the Tigers play Friday night. We received several messages from viewer last evening, but below is one from a pretty good distance away.

From day one we have seen people all over th country logging on to watch the games. And for that we are truly thankful. We love to hear from all of you "remotely located worldwide viewers".