Stats Spotlight for Week 3

This weeks Stats Spotlight focuses on the Tiger passing game. While the running game continues to be solid (and improve) each week, the development of Kade Holderread and the Cushing aerial attack brings with it optimism for the future. At Cleveland, Holderread was 7/11 with 2 TDs and 0 INTs. He had 105 yards on those 7 completions with a long of 49 yards to England Honeybuss for a score.

The MVP of the game was Trey Morris. He had 3 receptions for 46 yards and a TD. He added 3 runs for 60 more yards and another TD, and he had a 95-yard pick-six. He also hauled in a 2-point conversion from England Honeybuss. Trey added several tackles on defense and had a big impact on the Special Teams game forcing Cleveland to kick away from him all night long.

Kory Wiley was the bell cow for the ground game, pounding the ball 20 times for 141 yards and a TD. Wiley powered his way down the field and kept his feet driving through the Cleveland defense. But he was not the only one to tote the rock: 7 other Tigers also ran the ball as CHS put up 296 yards on the ground against their rivals. Matt Yates was the other big option with 81 yards on 6 carries: he left the game late in the second quarter with an ankle injury but should be back next week.

So, follow the link in your favorites to next Friday as Cushing goes to Okmulgee in the first District Game of the season.