Recognition of Cushing's 4th of July Blowout Celebration & Parade

The July 18th city commission meeting recognized Lee and Johna Skinner for their vision of the 2016 4th of July BLOWOUT Celebration and Parade.  Don Amon presented a plaque recognizing the event as a significant and successful effort for the entire community.  City Manager Steve Spears also presented the Key to the City as a reminder of their much appreciated efforts. Mike Kennedy followed the presentation with compliments for the city, fire and police departments, volunteers and sponsors. The City Of Cushing, were in turn awarded a plaque from the Skinners, again to recognize the efforts and significance of the successful event. This was uncoordinated, as the City was not expecting any special recognition, as were the Skinners not expecting any recognition from the City.

Commendation as presented fsrom the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners

As presented by Steve Spears Cushing City Manager

As presented by Steve Spears Cushing City Manager

I had a chance today to sit down with Lee and Johna Skinner and recap the event. RDMGtv will be the first to admit, it is tough to put on an event such as this. Johna Skinner said this about the experience, "It accomplished all that we had intended. Not only highlighting what our great community is all about, but also showed what the community was willing to do to provide a good family friendly atmosphere, to enjoy celebrating our nations independence". After the event had concluded, many people told the Skinners and those involved, how much they enjoyed the event, and the fireworks the Cushing Fire Dept. displayed that evening. Amy Blakemore posted this on facebbook at the conclusion of the event. 

"May I just say how blessed I am to live in such a wonderful and family oriented community.I spent the day in the park enjoying Cushing's Independance Day Celebration.It was the most enjoyable 4th I've spent in many years.It's so hard to find celebrations that are so family friendly and alchohol free.I'm proud as ever to say I live in Cushing"! ~ Amy Blakemore

RDMGtv believes that this statement sums up the majority of the comments from the community. They were varied, and personalized of course, but this quote captured the essence. RDMGtv was proud to be involved with the event. Were there unexpected issues? Of course there were. But nothing gets done unless you take the risk to accomplish something larger than yourself. Lee Skinner had this to say about how it was all put together. "We are grateful to everyone that caught the vision of the event. Our intent was to bring attention to Independence Day, first and foremost. But also allowing the community to come together and celebrate the day as a strong community, enjoying the food, fun, friends, and fireworks that day is all about." 

RDMGtv can say that is truly was a success with a large crowd that gathered to watch fireworks set to music in the park. The planning committee admits that it was not expecting that many people to come out. RDMGtv anticipated approximately 2000 residents, give or take, of Cushing and surrounding areas, would attend. However,  far more than that attended the parade, and then enjoyed the festivities at the park. Steve Spear estimated around 5000 people watched the fireworks display that evening. With all that being said, it is nice to know that every once and a while our community is still just that , a community. There is only one remaining question. Will this event continue? Or was the July 4th Blowout, and one time effort? Was this the first annual Blowout Celebration & Parade? The answer will come in September, when the committee meets again to discuss this years event.  Until then, as HUGE Thank you goes out to all the sponsors above. Here is a little taste of the event captured by RDMGtv on July 4th.