Vision, Planning & Budgets - Three Important Items for a City

The first of a "new kind" of Cushing Conversation was held Thursday at the Safety Center. And this meeting was wildly different than the past. For the first time in a long time ALL the commissioners were present, and questions from the floor were received, and a discussion took place. MUCH different that a city council meeting, where commissioners are mostly silent. This meeting was very open and in my view, very constructive.  This might just lead to more people coming to these meetings. Critics of these meetings say, "look the same few people are showing up, we must be doing a good job". My though is, they have not shown up in the past because there has been no good format to interact with commissioners. At least that is my thought. The meeting was open,  and I believe informative and instructive.  Not for just the 30 plus, who attended the meeting, but from those who are elected to hear from citizens. What a great start!

This graphic demonstrates one change in thinking at city hall.

This graphic demonstrates one change in thinking at city hall.

  I slept on this last night, as I was thinking of how to translate the information to those who were not there. I'm not the greatest writer, however since we (RDMGtv) were the only media outlet at the meeting, I think it important to convey all the information, and what may have been a culmination of the effort started last year.  Commissioners Brannon and Amon, have set into motion a change, which I believe can have long tern implications. The concept of "Cushing Conversations" is right on! And the addition of ALL commissioners present at the meeting, in a format where we can all talk to each other, is important. We have to keep that going. It is crucial to how the rest these ideas come together as we work to improve our community. So kudos to the concept of "Cushing Conversations" and as well, to the format in which it was held. A real WIN in my view for the community. This will become a turning point in how our city is governed. 

The bottom line from all the discussion from last night can be summed up on the tittle of this story. However, I think it does a disservice to this meeting to cover it all in one story.  We will get that information out to you, but in better detail, and perhaps in a way that can engage the reader and citizens of Cushing.  We need to break this all down and make it understandable for each of us, and why it is important that we participate in our local government. RDMGtv will attempt to do that differently, in the future. We must keep this kind of dialog going between our city officials, and the citizens of Cushing.  Below is the post meeting email sent out from Commissioner Brannon.

There are a lot of issues to tackle, we will take them one at a time. Some of the issues can be solved simply by challenging the premise on which arguments are based. Let's see how this change comes to fruition. Let's see if Cushing can get off of high center and move >>FORWARD>>, with real implemented change. Let me encourage citizens to attend the next "Cushing Conversations" meeting. This format was incredibly informative and productive!