I'm Carpooling to the CHS Graduation Ceremony

Parking is going to be a premium on graduation night. Official at Cushing Public Schools are thinking ahead to make things better for those attending the ceremonies Friday evening.

Trudy Evans member of the Board of Education said this about the challenges  of parking at the high school tomorrow. "CARPOOL CARPOOL!! Anyone attending or who knows someone attending Cushing High School Graduation tomorrow-Friday night should read this message and share. Parking will be a mess. CARPOOL CARPOOL!! Even the police have chimed in trying to make the traffic issue better in advance of what could be a potential timely mess Friday Evening. 

Areas in RED are are no parking areas, YELLOW indicates available parking.

In a Nixle report released this afternoon the police spoke about the issue.

In preparation for tomorrows High School Graduation and the large number of family and friends who will be in attendance, parking will be as follows:

Due to the several days of adverse weather, parking in the grass northwest of the field house will not be allowed, as those areas are too soft to support the weight of vehicles. Also, Jay Rubenstein Boulevard will be closed from Walnut Street to Main Street, due to the football field renovations. This closure, will also eliminate the overflow parking area west of the football field.

Parking will be permitted at the softball field, the north and south curb lines of Walnut, the circle drive, the east curb line only on the roadway between the circle drive and the main parking lot, as well as the parking areas directly around the field house. Overflow parking will be available in the Ag Center Parking lot, which is located at the northeast corner of the football field.

Due to the limited parking area, we would like to encourage everyone to carpool, if possible. This will allow us to get everyone into the event, while maintaining our limited parking space. We will have officers on hand assisting with parking. Those caught parking in a restricted area or causing a traffic hazard, will be asked to move their vehicles.

We have attached an overview picture of the Cushing High School, which depicts parking areas in yellow and non-parking areas in red. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your cooperation.                                                                                                           

Click the logo above to go directly to the LIVE stream - Friday Night Ceremony @ 6:45pm

Click the logo above to go directly to the LIVE stream - Friday Night Ceremony @ 6:45pm

Carpooling is a great solution to alieveiate parking problems. However if you think navigating the gymnasium and the parking situation seems a llittle tough for you to do, there is an additional option. You can stream the event via RDMGtv on the  CushingHub.net. It will bring the CHS Field House to you, and help the whole parking situation. So if you cannot attend this is another way for you to participate and be a part this year. Just click on the RDMGtv logo and it will take you right to the LIVE stream of the event. Check out the archived footage while you are there as well. Our Live stream will begin no later than 6:45pm with the ceremony at 7pm.