New Mayor is Elected in Cushing

A new Chairman of the Board Of Commissioners was elected at the annual meeting May 10th. This begins the terms for newly elected or re-elected commissioners. They also choose the top elected official for Cushing, as the first order of business. Don Amon was elected to begin a year as the Chairman, or what we call our Mayor of Cushing. Don told RDMGtv that once the budget study session was completed, he will be sharing his hopes for the commission and city with RDMGtv, and the citizens of Cushing. Mr. Amon, long standing educator and coach for CPS, will be completing his first three year term in May of 2017.

There are still a lot of issues on the table that are of importance to the city. Including Economic Development and the hiring of an Economic Developer, either inside the city, or from outside, in a body such as the Economic Development Foundation or the Chamber of Commerce. None of these entities have produced a solution to this juncture, over the last year of discussion. This year will also see a contract renewal vote by the commission, to continue or discontinue the contract for City Manager with Steve Spears. There is also the position of Mr. Stewart Arthurs City Attorney, which will have to be filled in short order. These issues are important issues for the city in many regards, and have been hot topics of discussion in the recent past with commissioners.  

Many may ask. What does the Mayor really do in Cushing? From my perspective, the position's real influence, is setting the agenda each month. The Mayor or Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, has the power to accept or reject items to be put on the agenda, and as a result, can move things along quickly, or shape the agenda to be more methodical.

Mr. Amon will now have the chance to bring to the forefront those issues he sees necessary to the citizens he represents.

2016/17 Mayor Don Amon - First term commissioner, elected in 2014.

2016/17 Mayor Don Amon - First term commissioner, elected in 2014.

Mr. Amon will chair his first official commission meeting as Mayor this coming Monday, May 16,2016 at 7:00pm, as the regular May meeting will be held.

Here are the agendas for the May 16th meeting.. 

RDMGtv wonders if the city meetings, like Cushing Conversations, will happen again this year.  And Coffee with the Ciity Manager will continue. It gives citizens a chance to bring up subjects that are important to them, or simply ask questions. of their elected officials. These are things that seem small, but still can make a huge difference in the information citizens of Cushing receive. It also encourages participation in City government. Elections typically make political officials very responsive to those who vote to elect them. Our hope is that citizens have not become complacent again, and stay involved and hear from their elected officials. The citizens voice can truly make a difference.