Our new Website is in the soft launch phase, which means it is not totally complete, but complete enough to let you once again, see what is up to.


1. You will be able to have more selection of channels and content soon. Two LIVE channels to cover for instance Tiger Football and Tiger Softball in the spring. Plus The review of prior weeks coverage, and shows directly from BRiCKHOUSE studios. 

2. You will be able to have more in depth information than before, prior to, during and after a game. For instance, LIVE REAL TIME stats during a football game. 

3. You will still get the great positive message and highlights of the Cushing Community. Great human interest stories that cover the people that make our community unique.

4. We have done away with logging in and passwords, so it is a FREE and OPEN sight, ready for you to use.

5. We have focused even more on CHS Sports, CHS sudents, and other CHS programs, highlighting the "Best Of CPS".

Brought to you by Wells Fargo Investment Advisers.....

Brought to you by Wells Fargo Investment Advisers.....

6. We are now offering more sports including, Baseball, Softball, Soccer, Track & Field, Wrestling, Cross Country,  and coming soon even Golf.

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7. NEW "On Demand", with the archive of FULL unfiltered games. We have included archiving Spring Sports as well. Those that we have covered are there now, ready to watch. Softball, Baseball, Soccer boys and girls, and many more to be added this spring season.

Click Here to visit the ON DEMAND page...

All these things are coming your way. But for now you can look around on the new and enjoy the additions to the site. Our dedicated sponsor make it all possible.

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