Erwin's Printers - The Latest Loss to Downtown

Photo by RDMGtv

Photo by RDMGtv

Today marked an end to another downtown landmark. The Erwin's Printers building demolition has begun. Not only was this the Mason's Meeting Hall a century ago, it has been as local landmark business in the community, in the pre-computer age. Back when you had to hand write sales receipts and hand mark all your invoices and tickets. This is where you came for those types of supplies. I can remember purchasing supplies there not so long ago, when I first moved my PROEvents office into the A.L. Trees building in 2003, they were still operating out of that building. I bought envelopes, stamps, I faxed documents, and took care of other business items there for a while, until they closed down. At one time I thought that would be a great building to own, and do something cool with. But I could not wrangle it away from Mr. Erwin.

Photo by RDMGtv

Geoff Beasley was able to purchase the building several years later, and like me, had high hopes for the building. But by that time it was too late. The roof had dropped several inches and had been leaking badly for some time. Geoff decided that the building could not be saved, and it would have to come down. That process started in earnest this morning. DT Specialty Services from OKC was contracted to do the demolition.

The demolition is estimated to cost $35,000. However as you will hear in the interview with Jeff Overbeck, they are doing everything they can to salvage any usable items, including the Mason's stone marker at the top of the building. DT Specialty Services was very surgical when needed with the equipment, but they could not keep the Mason's Stone on top from shattering when it came down. 

Inside evidence of long term water damage

Historic tin ceiling they will try to salvage

Mason's block they were not able to save, as it cracked during demolition - Photos by RDMGtv

A few gathered to watch as the first few bites were taken out of the building, many came by to take pictures of the building before it became unrecognizable as a store front. RDMGtv took many pictures and quite a bit of video, to preserve the history of downtown. It seems our generation will be tasked with overseeing how these building will be used or how long they will have life in the community. It takes a certain commitment to take on one of these buildings, but I think they are certainly worth it in the long run. With RDMGtv and BRiCKHOUSE studio next door to the building, it gave us a chance to have a unique angle of coverage, from our own building. All of that will be uploaded to our face book page, while our website is being reconstructed.

Demolition got a quick start with the store front. - Photo by RDMGtv

So as the saying goes “what goes up must come down”, or “all good things must come to an end”. Either way, it is sad to see one more of our historic and landmark buildings meet it's demise. RDMGtv has many more pictures and video to share, and we will post it over the next few days and hours as it become available. We will time lasps the process so you can see the entire video of the demolition. Be sure and share your comments about the story on our page if you like.

Joe Kennedy

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