Week 14 Semi Final Game of TiGER Football LIve - Now Archived

The last game for the TiGERS didi not have the outcome we all wanted. However, I think most would agree that the TiGERS progressed further than some may have thought they would, this season. Nevertheless, the TiGERS had a great season by all historic standards. Two out of the last three years, making the semi final game, is a sign that the program is and has been on the right track for some time now. A one point loss, or a 20 point loss is hard to take, regardless of the score difference. However losing by one point magnifies all of the small opportunities the TiGERS had to capitalize on their Planview opponent. There were also some doubtful penalty calls, made by the officials. Most notable was  the fourth and two, illegal procedure penalty called on the TiGERS. You can look at that play again in the archived footage over and over, but I still don't see our line move. I see three (at least) Plainview Indians jump off sides. A huge call against us, if you ask me. As a matter of fact even Plainview started walking backwards as even they thought the penalty was on them. However, as Coach Shupe would say, "It is what it is" and we move on. So you look for yourself at the BIG plays of the game. Leave your comments on the CushingHub face book page if you like. We are willing to let you vent a little, if that does your TiGER pride some good! Congratulations TiGERS on a great season.     

Watch the questionable play on 4th down at the 2:18:34 mark of the game.