RDMGtv Announces Week 14 Semi Final Game MVP/Play of the Game/Post Game Interview

It was a tough loss for the TiGERS who had made it so far this year. It was the second time in three years they would reach the Semi Final game, of the OSSAA playoffs. Instead of a shoot out, which some expected, it turned into a defensive struggle. A "game of inches" and Coach Shupe mentions in the Bank Of Cushing Post Game Interview w RDMGtv. 

The Crown Energy MVP's were also a difficult pic once again. The RDMGtv Commentary decided that it belonged this week to the ENTIRE defensive squad. They were Meyers 60, Hubble 75, Viator 44, Criner 9, Ailey 23, Hood 29, Morris 18, Wilkins 7, Honeybys 5, Yates 20, Wiley 17, Vaughn 51 and Wright 1. All of these players contributed greatly, and held Plainview under 20 points which had not been done to this point in the playoffs.

The CCA play of the game goes to special teams early in the first when Cushing seemed to have Plainview's number, and took advantage of a slight miscue to gain great field position, and set themselves up for their only touchdown of the game.

Congratulations on a GREAT 2016 season TiGERS. Another great job by the Cushing Football staff as they put the pieces together and harnessed each players potential to exceed and raise and exceed expectations this year. Watch the game and see if you notice the new chant or cheer started by a band member.... ALL GUTS 48.....ALL GUTS 48..... at the end of the game! The game rep[lay will be posted soon on the CushingHub.net