Broadcasts of RDMGtv on ~ Tips for Viewers!

Watch RDMGtv for the "BEST"Sports coverage of CHS Sports in Cushing!

Watch RDMGtv for the "BEST"Sports coverage of CHS Sports in Cushing!

The entire RDMGtv crew would like to thank all of our many viewers for logging on and watching our broadcasts, of High School Sports in Cushing. We understand that streaming technology is still new to some of our viewers, and some issues can occur. From  time to time we will have a viewer contact us, letting us know of an issue they are having getting the broadcast. When we get these requests for help, we always want to pass along the fixes to the problem that they are having, to share with those that may have experienced the same issue.

If you have ever seen or experience the stream being off line during a broadcast, we can assure you it is not off line. We go to extreme measures to make sure the signal gets out to the public. However there are many components to getting the broadcast from us and our remote location at times, to you the viewer. But a critical step that we cannot control, is on the viewers end. What type of internet connection speed do you have? Is your internet provided having signal issues? Does your computer software have a firewall engaged that is blocking the content? Or, is your computer's software and internet browser up to date?  So in an effort to make our product vissible to ALL who wish to see it we have provided a list of items to check, when you are setting up your computer or laptop to watch RDMGtv's coverage of CHS sports on the CushigHub. Here are some simple things you can check to get the best possible results, when watching any RDMGtv broadcast.

  • Internet Provider - Is your internet connection and speed good for streaming Netflix or other video content?
  • Computer & Software - Is your computer free from viruses or other issues that will slow down the speed of the processor? Is your software up to date?
  • Firewall - Do you have a firewall that could be blocking or preventing video content from displaying on your computer?
  • Internet Browser - Is your internet browser allowing "FLASH" content from getting through, or is your browser up to date as well?
  • Is your playback software or "FLASH" up to date? 

If any or all of these things are not up to date or do not have enough sufficient memory or processing power, you may experience problems watching the broadcast. From our experience if you use FIrefox as a browser, it may limit you from time to time in seeing the broadcast. See the below information to check your settings and browser. 

One of the main causes for the "Offline" messages for some viewers are outdated Playbacks, At this present point in time, the RDMGtv play needs Flash for playback on desktops and laptops. Mobile devices do not have this requirement. Usually this happens with Firefox. Mozilla and Firefox have become proactive in blocking outdated versions of Flash. They have done this on December 21, 2015, October 21, 2015, and earlier. The frequency from which outdated Flash plugins are disabled on Firefox has increased as well. If you are seeing offline in the player on Firefox and it worked before, it's possible your version of Flash is now outdated and being blocked by the browser. To make sure you have Flash installed and what version, please click here:
To make sure their version is up to date, please check the blocked plugin list here:
Check the list from the top going down. The most recently blocked version should be at the top, and your version needs to be a more recent one than that. If they have an outdated version you can have them consult this page for how to update and more details:

We hope you find these tips helpful, and will join RDMGtv for the "BEST" sports coverage in Cushing. You can always contact Joe Kennedy at if you have other questions. Thanks to ALL of oour viewers for watching, and supporting the TiGERS!