RDMGtv Crew Announces the Week 5 MVP('s) Play Of The Game and Post Game Interview w Coach Shupe

Each game week, RDMGtv announces the Crown Energy MVP, the CCA Play of the Game, and the brings you the Bank Of Cushing Post Game interview. The only place you get this much in depth coverage of Cushing Tiger Football. 

This week RDMGtv gives the MVP ('s) to the TiGER Offensive Line. The O Line combined for 199 yards of rushing, on 41 attempts, which averaged over 4.85 yrds per carry. With the dual threat of Wiley and Yates, the Tiger front line put the hurt on the Pirates. This propelled the Tigers to the their sixth straight win over Bristow in as many years.

The CCA Play of the Game was no different. Again this week special teams comes up with the POG, as coverage on this punt, made Bristow think twice about running it back. 

In the RDMGtv Bank Of Cushing's Post Game Interview, Coach Shupe tells everyone how proud he is of the team, to have defeated Bristow for the sixth straight year.