TiGERS Win Big in McLoud - Marching Band Makes Finals in Beggs

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CUSHING – Cold winds of change blew across the toughest district in Class
4A this week, and Cushing may like where it stands after the storm. No doubt, the marquee matchup in 4A-2 was Bethany at Tuttle – a rematch of the 2018 state championship. But how many people would have expected a shutout? Bethany snapped Tuttle’s 19-game winning streak with a 21-0 victory on
Tuttle’s field.

Elsewhere, Tecumseh beat Blanchard 28-26. It all has the Tigers leaping at an opportunity to continue shaking things up in Week 7 when they travel to Bethany. Cushing coach Rusty Morgan was asked about it after the game. “We’ll go play the schedule, we absolutely know the competition’s gonna be stiff going forward,” he said. “It sounds like a good win tonight for those guys, we’ll turn on the film tomorrow morning, and we’ll get a plan going and these guys will buy in.”

*Family Fun*
When the play call came for Hayden Fry to blitz the B-gap, he got excited.
A little too excited. As he stepped toward the line of scrimmage, Fry lost his balance and tried
to catch himself by standing tall before the snap, but it was too late. He flailed across the line and was penalized for jumping offside.
His father – defensive coordinator Kyle Fry, rushed Shelton Davis onto the field after the penalty and had to give his son a stern verbal clarification that Davis was coming to take his place. “When we blitz, we don’t want to show it, ‘cuz they can see it,” Kyle Fry said. “We want to delay it a little bit, he didn’t delay.”

On the next play, Davis – Fry’s momentary replacement – intercepted a rare McLoud pass and gave Cushing the ball back, to applause. Father and son had a little laugh about it after the game, huddled close
for a postgame interview at midfield. “Yeah, it sucked,” Hayden laughed, “but it’s better for the team.”

*Quotes & Quick Hits*
“We’ve still got a chance to go do it and make the playoffs. It’s kinda in front of us. We’re gonna have to play some better football, I think we’re capable of playing with anybody, we’ve got bodies back, so that’s kinds
what we wanna do. Whether it’s Bethany, or Tuttle, whoever, we’re gonna be ready to play next week.”

– Defensive Coordinator Kyle Fry, talking about the month of games left in the playoff hunt.
- “You know it’s football season when it starts getting cold.” – Linebacker Kirk Huseman, talking about the first cold night of the season.
- Defensive back Evan Kennedy returned against McLoud after missing three weeks due to injury. Linebacker Koby Floyd also returned after missing the Tecumseh game.
- The Week 6 matchup marked the fourth consecutive homecoming experience on
Cushing’s schedule.

WK6@McLoud Players of the Game.png

*Offensive Player of the Game*
Shelton Davis was selected as the Cushing Hub’s offensive player of the game in Week 6. Davis was one of seven Tigers to score in McLoud, and he added much-needed depth to the running back corps. His 35-yard TD run in the fourth quarter was Cushing’s final score.

*Defensive Player of the Game*
Tristan Jackson was selected as the Cushing Hub’s defensive player of the game in Week 6. Jackson was a popular pick among his teammates after the colossal district victory Friday night. He contributed to a near shutout and was involved in a high number of run stops in the middle of the defense.

Cushing High School Marching Band - Band Of Demons Contest Beggs OK

Cushing High School Marching Band - Band Of Demons Contest Beggs OK

CHS Marching Band
The Cushing High School Marching band performed in Beggs, at the “Band of Demons” Marching Contest Saturday. Of the 24 bands competing among 4A & 5A Schools, the CHS Marching band made the cut of the top 12 schools ranking 6th overall. Moving up to 5th in the final evenings competition! “It was a long day” for the student and directors , Danny White explains in this short interview, after the results were announced. Here is video of the performance on Saturday evening, as Cushing was the last band to perform.

The Cushing Marching Band will head to Lawton on Tuesday to perform in the OSSAA state marching competition.

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hubXTRA subscriptions are $15 for ALL 3 Issues - Fall/ Spring & Alumni Issues!

TiGERS Regain Swagger at Homecoming

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CUSHING – In a postgame interview Friday night, Cushing coach Rusty Morgan treated a 53-6 victory like business as usual. “We’re gonna come in 10 o’clock in the morning, we’re gonna correct things we did wrong tonight,” Morgan said, “and we’re gonna move on. I’ve always been proud of this group.” If it sounds like something a coach might say after a loss, perhaps that’s because Cushing has more to prove than a single district win. “We came out with a little chip on our shoulders,” Morgan said. “This group understands what we have to do.”

After picking up its first win, Cushing (1-3, 1-0) is knee-deep preparing for Tecumseh.The Tigers travel to Tecumseh on Friday, Oct. 4 for the first of three straight road games. They will face off against former Cushing coach Ty Bullock, who is in his third year as Tecumseh head coach. “Coach Bull’s one of my best friends, I know the kind of guy he is, he can rally a team around him, has a lot of energy,” Morgan told Cushing Hub’s James Coffelt. “I know they’re real big, they run the football real well. He’s gonna have them ready for this one after the last two, the way things went. It’s something we’ll come in and prepare to work for, it’s absolutely a tough challenge, there’s no doubt about it. Tecumseh’s got it rolling right now, we’re gonna have to have a good week of practice.”

PATs on the back

Harrison Wood pointed out the difference a good kicker can make. “It would have been a different story in Berryhill if we just made our field goals,” Wood said Friday night. The Tigers struggled to score after touchdowns in the first three games. Through two games, they had scored on three-of-seven two-point conversion attempts and not lined up to kick a PAT. Against Madill, however, Chance Kindley was 4-for-7 on PATs with one kick blocked, and Koby Floyd made the only kick he attempted. Floyd could line up for a field goal this season, as well. This week, he bragged of a made 32-yard field goal from the right hash marks in practice.

RB Rotation

Five Tigers took handoffs against Madill, making it the most efficient and aggressive performance for the running backs corps this season. Champ Wright took the most reps, gaining 50 yards and a TD on 10 carries. He and Noah Jones paired up for the Tigers’ fastest possession, a three-play scoring drive that followed a fumble recovery at Madill’s 29-yard line. Jones went 21 yards on the first play, then Wright two, then Jones another six for his first of two TDs. “We just kinda rotated in, I like to keep them fresh,” offensive coordinator Scott Chilsolm said. “There’s really no running back that’s better than the others, they’re all kinda equal. They bring different things to the table... If they look gassed, we get somebody else in there.” Camden Crooks, Hayden Fry and Shelton Davis also ran the ball from the backfield.

Cush-style Homecoming

Queen candidates were ushered to midfield in golf carts decorated to the hilt. The powered carts looked like parade floats as they rolled slowly from the southeast corner of the field to the near sideline as the homecoming ceremony continued. Avery Bonine was named the Homecoming Queen. Linebacker Kirk Huseman was named Homecoming King, and he continued the tradition of planting a kiss after placing the crown on the queen. Risky move before a ball game.

Cushing High School Home comng 2019 King & Queen.

Defensive Player of the Game

Koby Floyd was selected as the Cushing Hub’s defensive player of the game in Week 4. He led Cushing with 12 tackles, including two tackles-for-loss, a forced fumble, and a fumble recovery. Floyd’s forced fumble was maybe the hardest hit of the night. He came barreling through the line on a Madill punt and overtook the punter, who chased down a bad snap. He popped the Madill player, and Dawson Williams swooped in to land on the ball. “I just focused on making sure my guy goes down, I hit him, and then get the quarterback,” Floyd said. “That was my main focus tonight, to help Puls or anyone in the back.”

Offensive and defensive players of the game - Will Moyer & Koby Floyd

Offensive and defensive players of the game - Will Moyer & Koby Floyd

Offensive Player of the Game

Wil Moyer was selected as the Cushing Hub’s offensive player of the game in Week 4. He was 10-for-14 passing for 208 yards and four TDs. Asked how he measures his performance after games, Moyer said the first thing he looks at is the scoreboard – wins over losses. He has a goal to meet or exceed 60-percent completion percentage in every game, and he also tries to gauge whether he’s effectively leading his teammates. “And then the other measure is probably, ‘How have I affected my teammates? How’d our energy flow?’” Moyer said.

WK5 at Tecumseh 2019.jpg

TiGERS @ Tecumseh Friday 7:30pm

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 Last-minute play downs TiGERS in Berryhill

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Click on Ortho Oklahoma for the website…..

BERRYHILL – For the third time in as many weeks, Cushing stared shell-shocked as the final minute ticked off the scoreboard.
The Tigers lost 36-33 Friday night in Berryhill to end the non-district portion of the high school football schedule despite another admirable second-half rally.
Berryhill led 16-6 at half but wasn’t able to deny Cushing’s third-quarter attack. The Chiefs erased Cushing’s lead in the final minute with a fourth-and-goal touchdown pass into double coverage.
“We’ve stood here for three weeks in a row, and you have to give the other team credit in this circumstance, you have to,” Cushing coach Rusty Morgan said. “You gotta be honest with yourself and understand there’s things you could have done better.”

Trailing by two scores, Cushing scored its first touchdown with 9:52 left in the second quarter. Several times against Bristow and Perkins, quarterback Wil Moyer had fast, heady receivers open across the middle of the field when the Tigers needed them most. This time, it was Harrison Wood flashing an open arm.

Wee 3 Defensive & Offensive TiGERS of the game!

He ran past the Berryhill secondary and kept stride as the last defender fell. Moyer rolled left and hit Wood for the long TD. The two-point conversion attempt failed, but the score breathed new life into Cushing’s defense, which kept Berryhill (3-0) from reaching midfield on the next drive and forced a punt.
Cushing (0-3) couldn’t get out of its end zone, though, and a short punt set up the Cheifs at the Tigers’ 26. Berryhill scored a few plays later to take another three-score lead.
“Had a good talk at halftime,” Morgan told Cushing Hub’s James Coffelt. “And again, it was just about, ‘Tomorrow morning we’re gonna wake up and this night’s gone. Seniors, this is the last time you’re gonna play Berryhill, what are you gonna do to make this a memorable moment?’
“Guys stepped up all over the field to make plays and the effort was tremendous in the second half.”
It was the most unusual rally.

Berryhill led 23-6 with 5 minutes left in the third quarter. Moyer hit Wood for a 25-yard pass play and reared back for a pass into the end zone on the next snap. Berryhill intercepted.
Cushing recovered a fumble on the next play, however, and Moyer ran into the end zone a few plays later.
The Tigers led 33-29 late, and Berryhill marched downfield, capping a persistent drive with a touchdown pass into double coverage.
“The last three weeks we’ve played some really good guys who have some playmakers at the end,” Morgan said. “We’ve just got to stay the course. He threw a tight pass there, it was a great pass to end the game. A little tighter coverage there, a little better pass rush, we’re so close in many aspects, just things we’ve gotta fix.”

Homecoming @ O’Dell Field set for 7pm Friday night!

Homecoming @ O’Dell Field set for 7pm Friday night!

Madill (1-2) visits O’Dell Field for Cushing’s Homecoming celebration Friday, Sept. 28. Kickoff is set for 7:30 p.m. Madill beat Dickson 55-27 and has lost to Sulpher (49-21) and Lone Grove (22-20).

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TiGERS take on Perkins in the Hiway 33 Throw Down!

CUSHING – A father-son duo took center stage Friday night in Cushing’s first home game of the season, and a simmering rivalry produced yet another dramatic turn at O’Dell Field.

Highs and Lows

After no score through the first six possessions, Cushing and Perkins erupted Friday night for four straight touchdown drives. High school football rivalries can be unpredictable, but could that become the standard between these Highway 33 neighbors? “Hopefully not,” Cushing coach Rusty Morgan said. “Hopefully our defense cracks down a little bit. We like to think about our offense as a fast-paced offense when we need to be, definitely gotta be better running the ball, it’s something we’ve gotta continue to work on. There are positives, even out of a game like this, but we’ve gotta turn the film on and be honest with ourselves.”

Friday night featured a wild, back-and-forth exchange at O’Dell Field, with Perkins-Tryon winning 35-32. The 3A Demons are undefeated through two weeks, and Cushing has dropped its first two games. Again, as in Week 1, Cushing had the ball in the final seconds, trailing by a field goal. The Tigers didn’t sniff the end zone on that final play, but the offense showed enough in the previous 47 minutes to prove it can score from nearly any position on the field.

The first scoring drive started with excellent field position (Perkins’ 41-yard line) and ended with Wil Moyer’s 1-yard TD run. The second featured a 40-yard post route by Keaton Crooks, who simply beat his defender to the ball and rose above him to bring down the pass. Two other TDs came on wide-open routes across the middle, and another went down the far sideline.

Athletic Hall of FameFriday night featured the induction of Cushing’s latest pair of Athletic Hall of Fame nominees. Father-and-son Barry and Jarrod Patterson were honored at midfield before the game. Both were in their first year of eligibility for the honor. Barry concluded a successful tenure as CHS athletic director this spring, a stint that included three state titles and a 133-24 record in nine years as the Tigers’ wrestling coach. Jarrod, in his second season as head coach in Sand Springs, was Cushing’s first four-time state champion wrestler (160-3) and a two-time Big 12 champion at Oklahoma. Barry will be on Jarrod’s staff this fall in Sand Springs.

Barry & Jarrod Patterson - Father/Son inductees in 2019!

Barry & Jarrod Patterson - Father/Son inductees in 2019!

Fundraiser success

September is recognized as Childhood Cancer Awareness month, and the Cushing and Perkins communities teamed to support St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital of Oklahoma in the battle against cancer. The two schools raised money by selling gold-colored t-shirts made for the event, whish supporters wore to Friday’s game. CHS senior Jaden Brunnemer organized the effort in Cushing. The tally midway through the second half had Perkins ahead in amount of money collected, though Cushing outdid its Highway 33 rival in number of shirts sold. Four-hundred and eighty shirts were sold and more than $1,300 was raised in additional donations at the stadium, according to Teresa Brunnemer.

Defensive Player of the Game Hunter Puls was selected as the Cushing Hub’s defensive player of the game in Week 2. He and Koby Floyd were all over the field in a matchup that required Cushing’s linebackers to stay committed to stopping the run. Puls’ big hit in the third quarter helped revive Cushing and promoted a spurt of great defense. He led all Tigers with 17 tackles including 11 solo tackles.

photo courtesy of the hubXTRA

photo courtesy of the hubXTRA

Offensive Player of the Game He hasn’t been locked down, and he hasn’t let Cushing down when the ball came his way. Keaton Crooks was selected as the Cushing Hub’s offensive player of the game in Week 2 for hauling in two TDs and 68 yards on four catches. Friday night’s last-minute loss struck like a dagger for the senior, but the chemistry between he and his quarterback was not disturbed. “I just get open,” Crooks said after the game. “He throws the ball and I catch it.”

State champs for Cushing as basketball, wrestling end

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Wrestling –Individual State

2019 Dual State Champions!

2019 Dual State Champions!

Head-to-head, Cushing and Tuttle split four matches on the final day of the individual wrestling state championships in Oklahoma City. Jake Ahrberg defeated Tuttle’s Harley Andrews 9-8 in the 160-pound title bout and Gage Hockett squeaked out a 3-2 win in tiebreakers against Tuttle’s Kavan Guffey to win at 182. Tuttle took the other two matches Saturday, as well as its 11th straight overall championship, as Cushing became the only team to really give the reigning champs a challenge in 4A. Cushing finished second in team points with 96 – more than double what it tallied a year ago.

Wrestling Logo.jpg

Tuttle had 229 combined points for another wild runaway win. Jake Ahrberg’s victory will stand above the team scores in Cushing lore, though. He finished this season undefeated through 26 matches after climbing up from the145-pound bracket a year ago. Hockett finished 36-10, shaving a few losses after last season’s mark and beating a determined opponent to finish it all. Tuttle’s Guffey was pinned in the championship match a year ago and nearly overtook Hockett in the tiebreaker period. Eriq Simpson, knowing he could improve on 2018’s third-place finish at 182, found his way to Saturday’s championship match against Carson Berryhill of Tuttle. He got stuck at the 2:53 mark and was one of three runners-up for the Tigers. Luke Ahrberg (33-4) and Brandon Anderson (37-3) finished in second-place at 106 and 113, respectively

Lady TiGER Basketball ThumbNail.png
Lady TiGER Pyrymid.jpg

A disciplined, patient Cushing pushed its season to the brink Friday before bowing out in the regional tournament. The Lady Tigers, playing in the Class 4A varsity basketball regional in Kingfisher, lost to Elk City in a plodding contest that bled into an overtime period. Cushing was looking to extend its streak of area tournament qualifications, having come off a district loss and then slammed Harding Charter Prep on Thursday. Intensity was high on defense, from start to finish. With the ball, Cushing seemed to play with a death grip in the final quarter, desperate to keep possession and wait until the best shot presented itself.

The Lady Tigers came from behind to force the overtime period but couldn’t get the ball into the lane in overtime. They lost 53-47. Leaning on his team’s ability to improvise on offense, coach Brian Busby embraced a patient, toe-to-toe battle in the final minutes against the Elkettes. Rachel Sherwood, Nevea Skinner and Lola Nanaeto kept the ball out of enemy hands as Braelyn Berlowitz worked against double-teams in the lane. Elk City denied low passes, however, and Cushing couldn’t regain control as the clocked ticked down. The Lady Tigers were forced to foul, and Elk City made free throws. Berlowitz ended with 14 points, Nanaeto had 13, Regnier 10, and Franklin (8) and Carrier (2) combined for the rest.It marks the first time since 2016 the Lady Tigers will not be in this week’s area tournament.

Playoff TShirt.jpg

The Lady Tigers overwhelmed their opponent Thursday from the beginning, taking an early 20-4 lead and cycling players in and out of the game frequently.Harding Prep couldn’t contend with Cushing’s size as Berlowitz, Rachel Sherwood and Ariya Regnier were constantly in position for rebounds on both ends of the court. Cushing led 32-14 at half and committed only three fouls. Berlowitz had 23 points and Regnier was next with 10. Six others scored in his game for Cushing as the Lady Tigers cruised into the second round of the regional tournament.

The boys did not get through their first-round regional opponent. They lost 65-60 Thursday to Harding Charter of Oklahoma City. Tyler Hurst exploded for 30 points, even scoring 10 times in the second half. Caleb Tull had 15.

Girls Basketball Thursday, Feb. 21

Cushing 55, Harding Prep 27 Cushing (17-8): Berlowitz 23, Regnier 10, Carrier 9, R. Others 3, A. Others 3, Nanaeto 3, Sherwood 2, Skinner 2. Harding Prep (14-13): Cole 14, Martinez 9, Rivera 4. Friday, Feb. 22 Elk City 52, Cushing 47 (OT) Cushing (17-9): Berlowitz 14, Nanaeto 13, Regnier 10, Franklin 8, Carrier 2. Elk City (16-11): Southard 24, Flowers 9, Butler 8, Miller 7, Butle.

Mens TiGER Baskertball 2019.jpg

Boys Basketball Thursday, Feb. 21

Harding Prep 65, Cushing 60 Cushing (10-14): Hurst 30, Tull 15, Melson 4, Crooks 4, Jones 3, Cummings 2, Guerrero 2. Harding Prep (10-15): Toca 25, LaDay 20, McKinney 8, Robinson 6, Rhone 6.

Soccer 2019.jpg

RDMGtv will begin broadcasting a schedule of spring sports. Beginning with Soccer on March 14th, LIVE from O’Dell Field, as the Lady TiGERS Soccer team tries to duopkicate last season with an appearance in the playoffs again this year!

Classen drops Cushing in districts; regionals begin Thursday

2018 Oklahoma Ortho Overview.png

CUSHING – On the opening night of the Class 4A varsity basketball playoffs, Cushing’s girls had the challenge of hosting the state’s second-ranked team. Classen School of Advanced Studies (SAS), nicknamed the Comets, came into Cushing’s gymnasium with a 24-1 record and a monthlong undefeated streak. A nifty layup, a steal, and six more easy points prompted Cushing coach Brian Busby to burn his first timeout 2 minutes after the tipoff with his team suddenly trailing 8-2. “There should have been five or six timeouts in that first quarter,” Busby said. “I was just trying to settle us down, get us focused on what we wanted to accomplish.” Cushing came out of that early timeout looking for a patient approach. It didn’t come naturally. A minute later, Classen’s Morgan Kennedy hit a 3-pointer from the right side, and Jordan Harris quickly stole the next pass to glide in for a layup, stretching the lead to 13-2. The Comets cruised to a 59-28 victory to advance to the winner’s bracket of the regional tournament in Kingfisher. “It’s a game of runs, we know that,” Cushing senior Braelyn Berlowitz said. “They got on a roll and we were trying to get a steal, slow them down. We struggled.” Berlowitz finished with 7 points to lead the Lady Tigers along with Lola Nanaeto on a night when the pace never slowed enough for Cushing to get comfortable. Rose Others scored five, Ariya Reginier had four, and three others combined for the few remaining points.

Lady TiGERS Berlowitz #33 / Caufield #22 - RDMGtv

Lady TiGERS Berlowitz #33 / Caufield #22 - RDMGtv

Classen prompted Busby’s second timeout on a 3-pointer with 3 minutes left in the second quarter, his team already down 22. “They scored a majority of their points on turnovers, that’s what we wanted to avoid,” Busby said. “It didn’t work out very well. They’re a good team, they take you out of what you want to do.” Classen (25-1) was potent on defense, too. The Comets denied Cushing (16-8) from scoring beneath the basket, harassing passers near the halfcourt line and forcing them to make hasty decisions. “First, we had to get below the free throw line with the basketball,” Busby said. “I thought we had some opportunities for one-on-one in the post, but you can pass the ball in there from 40 feet away.”

Lady TiGERS receiving instruction from Coach Brian Busby - RDMGtv

Lady TiGERS receiving instruction from Coach Brian Busby - RDMGtv

For years, this Cushing girls basketball program has been known for its defense. The girls on this team are aware of that tradition, and they anticipate a quick recovery from Friday’s loss. “We always rely on our defense,” Berlowitz said. “Coach told us in the locker room after the game that every time we’ve lost this season, we’ve come back to win three in a row.” Win three in a row, and the Lady Tigers will advance to Area. They advance to regionals despite the loss. They will play at 1:30 p.m. Thursday in Kingfisher against the loser of Friday’s Kingfisher vs. Harding Charter game.


Classen 58, Cushing 47

Ben Patrick hit a 4-pointer on a half-court shot designed to drain the clock and give Classen the final shot of the first half. It was a deep one, and it gave the Comets (12-13) a nine-point lead. It was all Classen from there as Cushing (10-13) made second-half runs but couldn’t cut the deficit within double digits, losing 58-47 in the Friday nightcap. The girls and boys teams will advance to the Kingfisher regional as district runners-up, where the bracket becomes single-game elimination.

Regular season finale

On Tuesday, Cushing’s girls traveled to Berryhill for their third-straight win. They won 42-36. The boys lost 58-54 with yet another thrilling fourth quarter. This time, though, the last-second heroics that lifted them against Cleveland were missing in a tight finish. The game put the 10-12 cap on a regular season that saw the Tigers grow more resilient each week.

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Follow CushingHubApp on Instagram for a chance to WIN - see our Instagram page for details….

Tull’s buzzer beater drops Cleveland on senior night

2018 Oklahoma Ortho Overview.png
This week’s Ortho Oklahoma Outstanding Athlete

This week’s Ortho Oklahoma Outstanding Athlete

CUSHING – The can’t-miss Tigers made senior night memorable. With 2 seconds left and the score tied at 63 in Friday’s final home game against Cleveland, Caleb Tull flashed his hands in front of Slah Guerrero near Cushing’s bench and caught the inbound pass. Coach Jontue Ezell had drawn up a plan, and there was no time to think, just act. Slipping past his defender and leaping to dodge another, Tull – a senior – flicked a 3-point-shot off the backboard and watched as he floated down. It banked in. With a buzzer-beating 3-pointer in his final home game, Tull lifted Cushing to a 66-63 victory and sealed its fourth win in the last five games. No doubt shocked, a handful of Cleveland’s players started arguments in front of Cushing’s bench, forcing Ezell to break up a scuffle after the winning shot.

The Tigers have two dates left on the regular-season schedule and an 8-10 record overall. Districts begin Friday, Feb. 15.  Before then, Cushing will travel to 3A’s 17th-ranked Sperry Pirates on Saturday, Feb. 9, and then to Berryhill (10-12) Feb. 12. Friday marked the boys’ highest-scoring game, as well. Their previous best was a 61-51 victory against Jones on Jan. 26.

On Tuesday, Cushing rallied to a convincing, 51-27 win against Perkins-Tryon.

Lady Tigers 2019.jpg


Cushing 38, Cleveland 28

Again by the skin of their teeth, Cushing’s girls pushed through a miry win Friday night. They defeated a 10-win, 12-loss Cleveland team 38-28 as they continued a patient march toward playoffs.  The Lady Tigers are 14-7 and just outside state rankings. Their five-game win streak at the end of December and beginning of January is their longest, but they have not lost consecutive games since the second week of the season.

Boys’ Box Score


Cushing (8-10): Tull 17, Guerrero 14, Hurst 9, Moyer 9, Melson 7, Ailey 7, Crooks 3.Cleveland (10-11): Cline 19, Edwards 19, Kruk 10, Baker 9, Seemore 6.

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Find Details on our Instagram page - Enter for a Chance to WIN!! @CushingHubApp!!

Lady Tigers building steam toward playoffs

Ortho Oklahoma Overview V1.png

CUSHING – The playoffs are five games away. For Cushing’s varsity boys basketball team, that’s five games to sharpen newly formed spears – in-bound plays, half-court sets, whatever coach Jontue Ezell places before them.

For the girls, it’s crunch time. A big opportunity lies ahead. “January’s a long month in this game,” girls coach Brian Busby said Friday. “You wake up this morning and it’s February, and you kinda see the end of your regular season and the bright light of playoffs coming.” Busby’s Lady Tigers hammered Mannford 64-31 in Friday night’s homecoming contest, improving their ecord to 13-6 overall. Braelyn Berlowitz, homecoming queen and the most recent addition to Cushing’s 1,000 points club, led with 27 points.the 6-foot senior made two of three shots and two free throws, pulled down two rebounds, and stole the ball in the first 3 minutes of Friday night’s game. “She’s done that for four years,” Busby said, “she’s just a competitor.”

Busby kept the Tigers in a plodding zone offense, letting Berlowitz pull defenders to the baseline while his guards set their arrows loose from the 3-point line. Berlowitz got open frequently, but the Tigers thrived from deeper shots, too. They had 27 points on 3’s, with Lola Nanaeto (20 points) accounting for four of those shots. The lead came easily enough with Cushing jumping out 7-0, then 12-0, then 15-0 midway through the first quarter on another 3-pointer from Nanaeto. Mannford (8-12) couldn’t get pressure on Cushing’s guards, and it didn’t score until the final 2 minutes of the first quarter. “It allowed us to get in a rhythm,” Busby said. “It lets us get our feet set, lets us observe and pick ‘em apart a little it, and it doesn’t hurt to come out and shoot 3’s like we did. That’s a big turnaround compared to Tuesday night.” Cushing played for the last shot at the half, finishing the possession with the ball in Berlowitz’s hands. She came off a screen from the far-right wing to sink a right-side 3-pointer with 2 seconds left. The Lady Tigers led 34-16 at the break.

On Tuesday in Bristow, the girls won 28-21 in maybe the muddiest, most slow-going game of the season.


8th Grade Basketball Team.jpg

“Congrats on a great year for our JR High program. Our 8th grade taking the championship and 7th grade for taking 2nd place in their conference tourney. The future is bright for Cushing Tiger Basketball!!!” ~
Jontue Austin-Ezell
 is with Silas Guerrero.

Mannford 77, Cushing 58

The Tigers struggled to keep up with an unbeaten Mannford team that has risen to No. 4 in the Class 4A rankings. With only 4 minutes left in the first quarter, Cushing’s Caleb Tull hit a quick-release 3-pointer to draw the score to 7-6, Mannford’s lead.

It was a poor indicator of how this game would progress.

While the Tigers (6-10) played a tight defense that sunk well inside the 3-point line, Mannford flexed it’s rapid ball movement and passing abilities and scored from all over the place. A little scoring spree in the second quarter pleased the home crowd and showed flashes of Ezell’s hard work thus far.

Tyler Hurst scored an uncontested layup on a smartly done in-bound play from the baseline and the Tigers scored off a turnover on the next Mannford possession to draw the score to 30-17 with 4:08 left in the period, but a foul on the other end killed momentum.

The Pirates (20-0) kept the lead around 15 for the rest of the half and didn’t give up that ground.

Up Next

Cushing will host Perkins-Tryon on Tuesday, Feb. 5.

The girls game begins at 6:30 p.m. The Lady Tigers last played fourth-ranked Perkins-Tryon (19-1) Jan. 14 and lost 33-31.

Cleveland, Sperry and Berryhill are the three final regular-season opponents.

Girls take third, boys keep climbing

Ortho Oklahoma Overview V1.png

JONES – Braylyn Berlowitz’s senior season has the makings of a banner year.On Saturday, the 6-foot forward claimed her second all-tournament honor of the season and helped Cushing’s girls varsity basketball team to a third-place finish in the Jones Tournament.

Ortho Oustanding Player Berlowitz.jpg

#33 Scores 1000

Berlowitz scores over 1000 points as a Lady TiGER!

She has already eclipsed 1,000 points scored in her high school career and is part of a Cushing team that has ambitious playoff dreams this season under coach Brian Busby. This week in Jones, Berlowitz – the latest Ortho Oklahoma outstanding athlete – averaged 14 points per game, scoring 16, 16 and 11, respectively.

The tournament began Thursday with the Lady Tigers’ stunning 53-33 victory against Class 3A Lindsay (7-11). Five players did all the scoring for Cushing in this three-game span: Berlowitz and Rachel Sherwood led in total points, and Lola Nanaeto, Ariya Reigner, Ashton Caulfield and Katelyn Carrier carried the rest of the load. The girls lost to Jones on Friday, 69-38, and came back Saturday afternoon to claim third place with a 39-24 win against Bethel. They hold an 11-6 record with a couple of home games left in the regular season. a 39-24 win against Bethel. They hold an 11-6 record with a couple of home games left in the regular season.

- Box Scores Girls

Thursday, Jan. 24

Cushing 53, Lindsay 33 - Cushing (10-5): Berlowitz 16, Sherwood 14, Nanaeto 11, Reigner 7, Carrier 5

Lindsay (7-10): Fletcher 18, Tarver 6, A. Taylor 5, Russell 2, H. Taylor 2

Friday, Jan. 25

Jones 69, Cushing 38 - Jones (15-1): Young 16, Lynn 15, B. Ely 13, Moore 10, T. Ely 6, Farmer 6, S. Moore 3 Cushing (10-6): Berlowitz 16, Nanaeto 9, Reigner 6, Sherwood 3, Caulfield 2, Carrier 2

Berlowitz Locker room 100 pts.jpg

Berlowitz 1000

In Locker room after eclipsing 1000 career points in third quarter of Berryhill game Tuesday night.

Men’s team earn a 5th place showing in the Jones tournament for 2019.

Men’s team earn a 5th place showing in the Jones tournament for 2019.

Get to know Coach Ezell’s background and family in this Part 1 Interview with RDMGtv.

After losing in the first round, Cushing defeated Lindsay 54-44 and then the host-school Longhorns 61-51. That game marked their highest scoring total and largest margin of victory in the season.

Lady TiGERS win 2 out of 3 games to take 3rd place in Jones tournament

Lady TiGERS win 2 out of 3 games to take 3rd place in Jones tournament

Up next

The Tigers travel to Bristow on Tuesday. Girls tip at 6 p.m., boys at 7:30. There are two homes games left this season, Feb. 5 against Perkins-Tryon and Feb. 8 against Cleveland.

Lady TiGERS win Stroud Championship

2018 Oklahoma Ortho Overview.png

CUSHING – Halfway through the season, the Cushing Lady Tigers have made a comfortable adjustment to Class 4A basketball. Brian Busby’s varsity girls won all three of their games in the Stroud Tournament, including the championship match Saturday against Preston, and hold a 7-4 record overall. The five-game win streak includes that 37-28 win against 2A No.10 Preston and started with a 52-19 walloping of Mannford on Dec. 18.

2019 Lady TiGERS

2019 Lady TiGERS

Braelyn Berlowitz was Cushing’s leading scorer Friday against Luther. She had 21 points on 5-of-12 shooting from the field and an impressive 11 of 12 free throws made. Braelyn was also named the Stroud 66 Classic All-Tournament MVP, for her performance on the court. Berlowitz was also credited with an assist and seven rebounds as Cushing won 50-44 in that tournament semifinal.

Repeat Champions of the Stroud -  Route 66 Classic Tournament 2018/2019

Repeat Champions of the Stroud - Route 66 Classic Tournament 2018/2019

Rachel Sherwood was perfect from the field, scoring 14 points on 6-for-6 shooting and two free throws. Four others – Lola Nanaeto, Navaeh Skinner, Ariya Regnier and Katelyn Carrier – combined for the rest of Cushing’s points. Ariya Reginer was also named to the All-Tournament-Team for her outstanding performance in this year’s competition.

Braelyn Berlowitz All-Tournament MVP /  Ariya Reginer Named to All-Tournament Team

Braelyn Berlowitz All-Tournament MVP / Ariya Reginer Named to All-Tournament Team

Monday January 14th the TiGERS will face Perkins in a make up game from January 4th, in Perkins. Game time tip off 6pm for the Ladies TiGERS. The Tigers will host Berryhill at 6 p.m. Tuesday evening at home.

Boys bounced in Stroud

The boys varsity basketball team dropped both games in the Stroud Tournament, the worst loss of the season coming Friday against Oklahoma Christian School, 75-37. 

The Tigers are 2-6 in their first season under coach Jontue Ezell.

They won the Dec. 4 season opener 50-43 against Bristow and knocked off Cleveland 55-52 on Jan. 8.

TiGERS End Season in Clinton

2018 Oklahoma Ortho Overview.png

CLINTON – A memorable entry to 4A football came to a close Friday in Clinton as the Cushing Tigers fell 49-20 in the fist round of the high school football state playoffs. Moving into district 4A2 for the 2018-19 seasons, Cushing opened the year with a remarkably challenging three-game non-district slate and then inherited one of the toughest schedules in the state.

The Tigers found their rhythm with a wildcat offense and an athletic defensive unit. Wil Moyer climbed to the top-5 of the Tulsa World’s quarterback leaderboard with nearly 2,400 passing yards. He led a menacing passing attack from the first kickoff of the season. Under first-year coach Rusty Morgan, the Tigers rebounded from an 0-3 start to win the first three district games and set up an entertaining run toward the playoffs.

“Whirlwind,” Morgan said, addressing the season in a postgame interview with James Coffelt. “Overall message is I’m extremely proud of these kids overcoming so much this year... they’ve battled through a tough schedule. “We’ll talk a lot more in the next few days... right now I’m really proud of these guys. They deserve to be in the position they’re in.”

Clinton (10-1 overall) had too much staying power Friday night, rushing for 388 big-play yards as a team on just 40 plays from scrimmage. Morgan’s Tigers trailed 35-6 at halftime and struggled trying to climb out of that hole away from O’Dell Field.

This game featured flashes of Cushing’s trademark plays throughout the year. Moyer found Keaton Crooks open on a quick route in the first quarter that turned into a 41-yard touchdown. Chance Kindley converted the point-after attempt. Trevor Ailey rushed for two touchdowns, including the two final scores of the game, and the Tigers completed a two-point conversion sneaking quarterback Dane Palmer into the lineup for a completion to Elijah Howell. Palmer’s first cameo under center came in Week 4 after Moyer suffered a leg injury late in the game against Berryhill. Working against an eager defense, Palmer was efficient in relief, completing three of his four passing attempts for 27 yards. Cushing didn’t have the same freedom moving the ball against Clinton, though. The Tigers were limited to an uncharacteristic 79 passing yards on 16 attempts.

The season ends with four wins, seven losses and a winning 4-3 district mark. “The community (of Cushing) is unbelievable,” Morgan said. “Being from Cushing and always being around Cushing, the community comes together like none other. You can definitely feel the support and you can feel it all season long.

SnapCode CushingHubApp.jpg

RDMGtv got a close up look at the speech to the team from Coach Rusty Morgan, just following the game last Friday. Coach Morgan shows the team how to be a “TiGER” even after a tough loss to end the season, along with words of wisdom from the first year Head Coach.

RDMGtv’s coverage of TiGER basketball & wrestling will be announced soon…..Stay up to date with the CushingHubApp! You can follow us on Instagram and Snapchat.


Playoff time for Tigers

2018 Oklahoma Ortho Overview.png

TUTTLE – Playoffs, Tigers. Playoffs. Cushing trudged through a 49-14 loss at district 4A2-leading Tuttle on Friday night to end the regular season and set the stage for a first-round playoff game. At fourth place in the district, the Tigers (4-6 overall, 4-3 district) will travel to Clinton on Friday, Nov. 9.

Game time is set for Friday November 9th 7:30pm

Game time is set for Friday November 9th 7:30pm

Tuttle forced a three-and-out on Cushing’s first drive and harassed the front line consistently. They even forced their way into the backfield to cause a harried, running punt on that drive. They carried the momentum to a 27-0 halftime lead.

“There’s no doubt about it, nobody wants a game to go this way,” coach Rusty Morgan said in an interview with RDMGtv’s James Coffelt. “But like we’ve talked about, you’ve gotta give Tuttle credit, that’s a great football team, and the fact is we’ve gotta put it behind us pretty quick.”

Cushing was ushered into Class 4A this season and placed into one of the toughest districts. The Tigers rebounded from a winless slate of three non-district games with a three-game win streak in which the offense averaged more than 40 points per game.

“We’ve got a resilient bunch, we’ve shown that in previous games throughout the year,” Morgan said. “No outcome is going to change my pinion of any of these guys.”

The offense has shown it can fly high. In that three-game stretch in which Cushing rose to the top in the district, quarterback Wil Moyer threw for 114 yards, 259 yards, and 205 yards, respectively, with five total passing touchdowns in those games.

It will be up to the offense to keep Clinton (9-1, 7-0) off its rhythm next week. Clinton has accrued 97 marginal district points, which is second most out of any 4A teams this season.

Tiger fans will notice a faster path to state in Class 4A. It is a 16-team playoff rather than the 32-team format used in 3A. Kickoff is set for 7 p.m. in Clinton.

“I really appreciate TiGER NATiON following us around this year,” Morgan said. “We’re gonna do our best to go put on a show next week and continue the season.”

Friday night’s game at Tuttle can be watched in its entirety online at RDMGtv.com, where fans can also find a postgame interview with Coach Morgan and highlights and bonus content from every game of the season. 

The Cushing Hub App provided by Red Dirt Media Group has led the way in local coverage of Cushing and its Tigers and will be on location as the playoffs begin Nov. 9. Power outtages in Tuttle disrupted some in-game services on the Cushing Hub App, but additional content will be available online throughout this weekend.

Social Media Platforms.png

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Playoff-bound Cushing loses against Blanchard

2018 Oklahoma Ortho Overview.png

CHS honored Senior at the last home game of the regular season Friday night. Here is RDMGtv’s coverage of Senior Night 2018.

CUSHING – The Tiger offense took a step back Friday night as district 4A-2 contender Blanchard dominated its home turf for a 40-14 victory. Cushing (4-5 overall, 4-2 district) punted five times and turned the ball over twice Friday night on the road.

Moyer found Nathan Jones open at the 23 yard line, and Jones beat a trail to the back of the end zone. Chance Kindley kicked the extra point.

Cushing ran only 44 plays and came short of typical yardage production. The Tigers will travel to district-leading Tuttle (9-0, 6-0) Friday, Nov. 2 for the regular-season finale. Kickoff is set for 7:30 p.m.

Cushing has locked down playoff qualification, but how the Tigers finish this portion of the schedule determines where they will be sent for the first round.

In their first season as 4A competitors, they have faced at least four tried-and-true playoff contenders. Tuttle, the next opponent, is undefeated and favored in 4A. “That’s a really, really good football team we just played, these are the types of teams you have to play to know where you stand,” Cushing coach Rusty Morgan said. “The message is going to stay the same, I challenge them to be consistent day in and day out. Consistency is the key, we know Tuttle is a great football team... we just have to understand the passing game and get better.

Cushing moves into playoff contention with win over Harah...

2018 Oklahoma Ortho Overview.png

HARAH – On a Fall Break trip to Harrah, Cushing’s inspired and ever-improving varsity football team claimed a momentous victory. The Tigers won 49-25 to improve to 4-4 overall and 4-1 in district 4A-2, and – most importantly – claim playoff qualification. “The message to this team is to enjoy victories,” coach Rusty Morgan told RDMGtv’s James Coffelt, “because they’re hard to come by, especially in (Class 4A) and in this district.”

Cushing posted 27 points in the second quarter and 16 in the third to take a commanding lead midway through the game. A week after surrendering an opening kickoff return for a touchdown, the Tigers held Harrah to negative yardage on special teams returns. “It’s still a deal, we want to come out and start faster, no doubt about it,” Morgan said. “Once we kinda get clicking offensively, typically we can move the ball against anybody we play.”

Without an early deficit to rail against, this heralded Cushing offense soared. Quarterback Will Moyer completed 26 of 36 pass attempts for 367 yards and four passing touchdowns. He had no shortage of open, eligible receivers. Once this group of players have the ball in their hands, they are among the most difficult to stop in the district.

Harrison Wood and Keaton Crooks each had six catches for 90 yards or more, and both scored a touchdown. Trevor Ailey, who piled on yet another remarkable individual performance, hauled in nine catches for 105 yards and two touchdowns. This week’s highlight reel is riddled with crafty passes from Moyer and smart, quick moves by receivers that buried Harrah in yards-after-the-catch. The Tigers were scoreless in the first quarter but trailed only 3-0 before hitting high gear.

Harrah, winless through eight weeks, had three rushers reach 100 yards. Jeff Roberson led with 172, Chase Jackson had 140, and Gage Payne had 103. Cushing improved marginally on third down (5-for-8) and stopped Harah five times out of nine. Up next, the Tigers host Blanchard (6-2, 3-2) Friday at 7:30 p.m.

No qualifying answer were given this week ,,,,,,  Look for the next questions on game night next Friday VS Blanchard……   Answer 7:30pm to Midnight!

No qualifying answer were given this week,,,,,, Look for the next questions on game night next Friday VS Blanchard……Answer 7:30pm to Midnight!

Get your name in the running for an iPAD mini this year. After 10 trivia questions a WINNER will be draw from all of those who answered a questions correctly. The more correct answers you have, the greater the chances to win the iPAD mini.

iPad Mini GRDA Grand Prize 2018 19.png

GRDA Trivia “did YOU know?” TRIVIA

Be eligible to WIN an iPAD mini by answering the GRDA trivia question correctly……

Up next, the Tigers host Blanchard (6-2, 3-2) Friday at 7:30 p.m. The win against Harrah puts distance between Cushing and Blanchard, the fourth-place team in the district. To reach playoffs in Class 4A (which Cushing joined this season), a team must finish the regular-season schedule fourth or better in its district. Cushing is in third place with two games left

TiGERS' win streak snapped vs. Bethany ** Bonus Band Coverage

2018 Oklahoma Ortho Overview.png

CUSHING – Bethany bucked Cushing from the shoot Friday night and halted a three-game win streak for the hometown Tigers. The visiting Bronchos returned the opening kickoff 82 yards for a touchdown and then executed a 2-point conversion to stun Cushing and set up an important district 4A-2 win.

Despite three touchdowns and a handful of big plays from Rusty Morgan’s Tigers, Cushing fell 46-22 for its first district loss of the season. “You’ve gotta play teams like this (in this district),” Morgan said. We got in a hole extremely early, and these guys will fight. I tell them day-in and day-out I wouldn’t trade them for anybody else.”

Working with an early deficit, the Tigers continued to show off one of the best offenses in the district. Quarterback Wil Moyer completed 20 of 36 pass attempts for 222 yards and two touchdowns.

His first scoring strike was maybe the play of the game for the Tigers, who were trailing 36-7 with 54 seconds left in the third quarter when Keaton Crooks light up the middle of the field.

He got under a pass from Moyer on second down and 8 and took it 79 yards to the end zone. Chance Kindley made the extra point to draw the score to 36-14, and both teams had some scoring to do in the fourth quarter.

Crooks had a banner night. He led Cushing with 10 catches for 155 yards and two touchdowns. The second one came in the fourth quarter, a six-yard connection. Harrison Wood caught a pass on the following two-point conversion attempt, but Cushing was still three scores away with 7:50 left.

Bethany quarterback Sam Brandt accounted for 239 yards of offense. He was 8-13 for 165 yards passing and had almost no trouble running the ball as well, averaging 7.4 yards per carry. Cushing again struggled on third down, converting three out of 14 attempts and punting eight times.

“The signs of great teams are that the capitalize on third downs, and they don’t get holding penalties that knock them back,” Morgan told RDMGtv’s James Coffelt. “We have to make progress, there’s no doubt about it. It’s a work in progress, we’ll work on it, and we’ll continue to get better at it. “We’ll come in Monday and be ready to go. I’m telling the guys everything we want to do is still ahead of us. All we want to do is get our name on the (state playoff) bracket at the end of the year and let the chips fall where they may.” Cushing is 3-4 overall with a 3-1 mark in district 4A-2, led by Tuttle and Bethany.

2018 MVP Huseman WK7 vs Bethany.png

To reach playoffs, the Tigers have to finish the regular season in fourth place or better within the district. They sit in third, with Harrah, Blanchard and Tuttle left on the schedule. A head-to-head win against Blanchard would go a long way toward cementing the Tigers’ spot in playoffs, as Blanchard (5-1, 2-1) is fourth. Harrrah – next week’s opponent – is winless through seven games

Cushing High School band performed it’s competition show on Friday, preparing for the home stretch on marching band competition this season. Here are some clips of the show and interview with Dakota Norman (SR Drum Major) and Danny White Cushing Band Director.

**This week’s GRDA Weekly Drawing winner:

GRDA Weekly Correct answer wk7 Q2 winner Graphic.png

Weekly drawing winners, please check your email for details on collecting weekly drawing prizes…. Participate each week, on the CushingHubApp. Questions will open at 7:30pm to midnight each game night. Answer the questions correctly and be entered into the weekly and GRAND PRIZE drawings.

Federal Reserve Bank Executives Visit Cushing Oklahoma

Plains Pipeline proudly support Cushing TiGER Athletics and Red Dirt Media Group

Plains Pipeline proudly support Cushing TiGER Athletics and Red Dirt Media Group

October 10th, 2018 the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Esther George visited Cushing OK., to tour the Plains All American Pipeline facility located just south of Cushing. Her interest in the community and the facility was to learn first hand how the energy industry functions, and generates economic activity, in our area..

Federal Reserve Pic at Plains Pipeline.png

This is the second visit from Federal Reserve representatives, in as many months. Earlier in the year a group of economists from the Federal Reserve visited the facility and inquired about many of the significant functions of the operation. Mr. Wilkerson, Federal Reserve Executive in Oklahoma City said “Most of them were from our KC office, and rarely get to see energy activity actually occurring”. All of these questions were related to how prices are set, market demands, and how barrels of crude oil are moved and tracked from location to location. Wilkerson added, “Everyone enjoyed it very much.”

It seems mundane to those of us who live in the midst of the “tank farms”. We forget about the global impact our community has on a daily basis. However this is a good reminder that others are taking note of Cushing Oklahoma, and the significant contribution the energy industry has had in the past, and is guaranteed to have in the future.

Red Dirt Media Group would like to thank Jerry Mackey and Brad Dooley for accommodating the request for the tour, and for being great hosts. Plains All American Pipeline and all of the energy producers are a true asset to our local community.

Three in a row! Cushing topples McLoud

2018 Oklahoma Ortho Overview.png

CUSHING – The district race tightened Saturday afternoon as Cushing celebrated its third-straight victory to remain undefeated in 4A-2. By a score of 54-35, the Tigers improved to 3-3 overall and 3-0 in district as they defeated the McLoud Redskins.

Will Moyer was again named the Red Dirt Sports Xtra MVP as he completed 19 of 29 pass attempts for 319 yards and four touchdowns. The Tigers produced 509 yards of offense to McLoud’s 289.

The game was scheduled for Friday evening in McLoud but moved Saturday to Cushing after the tragic shooting death of a McLoud teenager.

For the third week in a row, Cushing posted 27 first-half points and put itself in position to control the remaining 24 minutes of the game.

“All that matters is those district games, and right now we’ve won three in a row,” coach Rusty Morgan told RDMGtv’s James Coffelt. “We’ll just keep on coming. There’s a lot of areas we need to get better at, and the promising thing is these guys know it.”

Early points came on a pair of touchdown passes to Keaton Crooks (six catches, 84 yards), a pick-6 by Crooks, and a rushing touchdown from Trevor Ailey. McLoud (2-4 overall, 1-2 district) mostly matched Cushing’s pace. The Redskins cut the lead to 27-21 at halftime after scoring on three crucial possessions. They recovered from Crooks’ interception return with a nine-play, 54-yard scoring drive and a quick, four-play touchdown drive on the ensuing possession. In those two series, Cushing’s defense gave up conversions on third down and fourth down to leave the door open for McLoud.

In the second half, McLoud started with the ball and began a methodical march toward tying the game. The Redskins rattled off 3 1/2 minutes before stalling out on fourth down to cap an eight-play drive. Cushing took over at its 32-yard line and Moyer, who was also named MVP after his performance in Perkins during Week 2, orchestrated one of the most important touchdowns of the afternoon. He was 5-for-5 for 71 yards on that drive, ending with a 9-yard pass to Harrison Wood that put the Tigers ahead 34-21 after Chance Kindley’s extra point.

In the coming weeks, Cushing will have a chance to prove its mettle. Three teams from District 4A-2 have cracked the Tulsa World’s top-10 statewide rankings, and Cushing has all three of them still on the schedule. First, No. 5 Bethany. Then No. 7 Blanchard comes to town on Oct. 26. And finally Tuttle, the second-ranked team in 4A, will host Cushing for the regular season finale. Tuttle is undefeated. Combined, the three teams have only two losses. Cushing, however, has the upper hand on Bethany and Blanchard with a clean 3-0 district record.

Vimeo Thumbnail TFL Bethany.png